Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My contest in Portugal didnt go as well as France but still a decent result :)
Equal 5th or the quarter finals was my final standing. Im currently sitting at #2 on the WQS ratings. My dreams of Qualifying for the World Championship Tour is turning into reality right before my eyes and ive yet to accept it or let it seep in. I opted to use the FLIP this trip instead of my camera so i can promise a very funny beginner edit of the trip! Here is some photos i borrowed from the ASP site.. Enjoy friends! ...and CONGRATS Courtney for your win in Portugal! You make California proud, as well as myself! :)

xx Sage

p.s. Thank you Jesus for this amazing adventure, may the GLORY be to you!

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  1. Sage

    I was curious if you were in a relationship. I would love to set you up with a guy from Huntington Beach who just recently was surfing down in Mexico and saw you.